Keynotes, Seminars, & Workshops

Andrea speaks regularly on leadership, transformation, and resiliency.  She provides keynotes, seminars and workshop presentations, along with full-day trainings to many diverse audiences.

Topics Include:

  • Mountains of Opportunities:  Change your reality in business by changing your focus
  • High Performance in High Stress Situations: Create success by moving from distress to eustress 
  • Building High Performance Teams: Harness the energy of synergy
  • Failing Forward: Grow your leadership and decision-making capacity
  • God & Money (The spiritual power of money) 

Andrea’s Signature Presentation:

 **it Happens!  

Your audiences will laugh and talk for years to come about Andrea’s signature presentation.  With an unforgettable and hilarious Saturday Night Live style comedy sketch Andrea first teaches students how to poop in the woods.  Building on this novel foundation she explores the fact that “**it happens” and that your personal and organizational success in life is determined by how you and your team respond to the difficulties you face.

Andrea has discovered that great leaders  demonstrate remarkable resilience by not only surviving circumstances but transforming and redefining them.  Ultimately, she believes that “Your Biggest Problem is Your Greatest Opportunity”.  She has shared this message with thousands of people and helped them tap into the extraordinary freedom and power that she has found.  Andrea combines scientific research, the insights of renowned cultural leaders, along with her own personal experiences overcoming pain, fear, rejection, loneliness, and disease to imbue audiences with the confidence to face adversity, the skills to encourage themselves, and strategies to thrive in the midst of difficult situations.